Solid stone house for sale

Southern Bulgaria close to the road for Makaza border pass into northern Greece. This is a gorgeous stone built house with unbelievable views. The current owner seller lives in a house just down the hill from this house

The ground floor has one very large room, with 2 rooms leading off from the main large room, each of those 2 rooms has a cupboard type room, suitable for a shower room/toilet in one and perhaps a pantry in the other room

Upstairs has identical layout

The garden is approximately 2 deka split into two by the small dirt road leading down to the few houses below.

Generally the house is solid and has been kept in good condition although it has not been lived in for many years.

Electricity will be easy to reconnect after rewiring the home and there is a well on the property that would be connected to your new water supply to the home

At a push, you could move in while getting the electricity, water and final renovations organised and completed

The current owner wants …

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MAKAZA border pass from Kirkovo into Komotini is now open, see Luvitsa on Facebook link above right

VERY CLOSE TO THE MAKAZA KOMOTINI KIRKOVO GREEK BORDER SCHEDULED TO OPEN soon (for updates on the opening of the Makaza Pass visit here) OR

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Huge family properties for sale Kirkovo Kardjali Makaza borderThis is a whopping sized family home, situated on the edge of a really gorgeous village with really super views and position

The property has been renovated on the first floor only, it can be lived in while making the finishing touches to provide an unequaled and, very impressive, home very near the Makaza border road,

It sits in probably around about a deka of garden and has plenty of green belt type land by its side, with super rock formations

It appeared quite solid, but don’t take my word for that, I’m no surveyor! lol

very close to the Makaza border …

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